Sunday, February 12, 2012

Gabriel and Red Sand

There are new items at Gabriel! That's right Gabriel has some new items as well as a sale still in progress. So take your limo HERE, and go pick up your new items to pimp out your avatar!
Another store that has caught my eye is a store my partner introduced me to. And as we all know...I'm always looking for skins. So I guess that would make me a skin whore? Oh well I say, this is SL where you can change your appearance at the drop of a hat and there are many varieties around to allow you to do so.

Any who... a store that you should be on the look out for (RED)SAND. I must admit I did not explore much as I always want to test it out before Invest my time. And so far I like what I see. They have a few group gifts (skins) you should check out by joining the group. You can check out (RED)SAND HERE

So what do I recommend you pick up when you visit these stores?

Well below the items photographed are:
(red)sand-undeath skin
::GB::boots in Cargo pants (Light Khaki)
Also Photographed:
MADesigns HAIR ~ LUZ ~ Dark Brown
MADesigns Hair ~Tintable HAIR BASE ~ Tribe 1
Suckah Punch! ~ Star Tribal Tattoo

Back To Black Is Here!!

Ok, so I know I have been out of the game a little. But in my defense we have some major projects coming up that I am excited to announce in the next week or so including I Need New Hunt and Project, also including...well you will just have to wait and see the special set up designated to the project of weekly events now wont you?!

And now the task at hand!
Ever heard of CHIC??? Well they do an event called Back to Black originally named "The Black and Blue Fair". This all started to keep people informed of mental health issues while gathering great stores. If you would like to know more about the reasoning behind this as well as ways to help and participate in the awareness of all types of mental health issues please click HERE.

So I have been to this awesome fair. There are many awesome items out there available for you to choose from. Mostly for ladies but I did find a few stores that caught my eye with some of their products. In this post there are two stores that made me take a second look [CheerN0]andAkeruka - Italian Creations.

[CheerNo] Fight comes in 3 different versions DEX, DOMINIC, and SKY. Down below I have chosen DEX. Akeruka chose to do a rendition of their newest skin Damien with the inspiration of fighting. You can find this specific skin designated for the Back to Black Venue HERE. The skin I chose to wear with the CheerNo Outfit is also the Damien skin and currently the group gift (Paid Group) from Akeruka. You can find the Akeruka- Damien Chinbeard Light Haired Group gift HERE.

Please inform yourself of the mental health issues spread across the world. They effect us all in someway rather you think it or miss it we all have a little issue somewhere and maybe even a family memeber that may have some type of issue that has yet to be discovered! Support CHIC and Spread the word help make us all aware of the different ways mental health issues effect your everyday life! Check out the Back to Black Venue HERE.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


TO GET THE **StEaLtHy** Love Couch You must be a member of the **StEaLtH VIP's** Group. Stealth has recently Reopened! They provide entertainment for your pleasure From Daily Contest to DEAL, NO DEVIL, FLASH, ZAP, MALE SHAPES and STYLE CARDS FROM SUCKAH PUNCH! FEMALE SHAPES AND STYLE CARDS FROM B.S. AS WELL AS TATTOOS, SKY BOXES, LOVE/SEX FURNITURE, AND MUCH MUCH MORE!! CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT StEaLtH has to offer!! 

NEW AT [ JP ]:dsg!!! Oh...and Much Much More!

Skin: Akeruka- Liam skin Group Gift(Group Join NOT FREE)!
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Nathan -  black & whites
Shirt: {:ThirteenTH:} SwaG Unbuttoned Shirt_Royal Blue
Pants: [ JP ]:dsg. Struggle Pants / Cord Beige / MALE
(Comes in Camo/Black, Cord Beige(shown in picture above), Gauze Blue, Linen Beige, 
Special 02, and Tweed Black
Shoes: [hoorenbeek] Military Boots - Loose - Brown
Bag: [ JP ]:dsg. DIVIDER BAG / Multi-color
Scarf: Halcali::: 2color Scarf [Navy]
Tattoo: SUCKAH PUNCH! Custom Design 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

What's New @ [SE*Designz]

[SE*Designz] has new releases coming to a store near you... well in a few hours! You have your choice of not only color but as well as style. Take a look down below at  [SE*Designz] Simple V-Neck Shirts and [SE*Designz] Simple V-Neck Tanks. Each comes in Brown, Grey, Light Grey, and Olive. Oh did I mention that [SE*Designz] is also a participant in the MENstuff Hunt Coming up very soon! Be on the look out for BIG Surprises and upcoming releases as well free male GIFTS!! What are you waiting for?! click HERE to get your new simple shirts and other items by [SE*Designz] NOW!!!

 [SE*Designz] Simple V-Neck Shirts



[SE*Designz] Simple V-Neck Tanks.




They are Finally here!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Winter is Coming!! Egoisme Has the Cure For Your Cold Spells!

Egoisme introduces  Dragon Fur Outfit and Mink Outfit. The latest addition to Prêt-à-Porter Automne-Hiver 2011-2012. 
To be honest it is not often that you can find me inworld in Fur of any kind. However, you just might find me strutting my stuff in these outfits. I really like these ensembles and the way they fit my avatar without adjustment. Always a good thing when you can just wear and go, and not have to worry and spend valuable time on a pose stand working out prims and what not. Not to mention Egoisme seem to make everything perfectly! So RUN go get it now! I can promise that you will not be disappointed in the buy Egoisme is known for their quality after all XD.

P.S. Egoisme Prestige members have 25% discount, So don't forget to join the group and wear your tag when purchasing your new outfits!! You can find these new outfits  in the Prêt-à-porter Building, accessible through teleports!!

Mink Outfit

 Dragon Fur Outfit 

Monday, October 24, 2011

New @ Suckah Punch!!

As we all know I often come up with these crazy ideas to keep myself amused, The first was a tattoo shop that i soon lost patience with. However, I have decided to venture back into it as well as dabble in a few other things.
My New Store Suckah Punch! provides Male and Female Shapes including style cards within a reasonable price. We also create tattoos (yes I picked up the habit again LOL). Another few items we provide, Skyboxes, Semi Furnished! Oh did i forget to mention that I have managed to figure out how to make sex/love beds XD.... so you know what that means... ALL furniture that comes in your Reasonably priced Skybox is scripted for your pervy pleasure!! Here are some items that have just been placed out in the last few days! Be on the Look out for my Main Store Location and new Products! 
If you are a creator or builder and you need a store space TP HERE! To find the awesome Prices set aside for fellow designers withing the StEaLtH Club & Games & Mall (Yep I am excited my friends are reopening their club and making it bigger and better for your pleasure! Come on by and Check it out! You wont be disappointed!)
Oh.. P.S. I know I am all over the map with this post haha I am highly medicated thanks to mother natures flu season lol promise next post will be more clear and more information! But while you wait go check out my new store and the club haha. Happy Traveling! 

Click Here to Check Out my main Store!